A Message from Our Director of Junior Clubs


Theme:  Flamingo2Birds of a Feather

Symbol: Flamingo

During the two-year term, I would like to focus on getting to know the flock. We all share the common goal of volunteerism. However, I think we may also share many other interesting qualities. Take time to learn who is in your club, more than just the duties each performs with the project at hand. A strong flock can accomplish great heights!

There are many types of birds, with many great attributes. I chose the flamingo for it’s outgoing, fun and vibrant traits. This particular bird is very family oriented. Both parent birds in the species are responsible for nesting and care of the young. Flamingos display amazing balance often standing on one foot. They symbolize a sense of community and cooperation. If you focus on working together toward a common goal you will be successful.

What kind of bird are you?

With Federation Love,

Gretchen Perkins
3rd Vice President, Director of Junior Clubs