Message from Our District President


Welcome to the Alice Kyle District Website. Take a couple of minutes to familiarize yourself with its links and areas of interest. We have some pretty interesting photos to see as well. Please encourage your Club Members to expand their techno skills and check us out.

So you can get to know your Incoming District President, I thought I would give you a little information about myself. I am a charter and founding member of the GFWC-Charlotte County Woman’s Club and live in the small town of Phenix, Virginia. I am married to a farmer who likes to get up early and fix coffee so it’s ready when I wake up. That is literally the highlight of my day!!! And something I am proud to brag about. That is probably the only bragging you will find me doing, unless maybe, it is about my grandchildren.  I have two teenage granddaughters: attending prom, playing soccer, softball, and just being teenagers and two younger children by my oldest daughter who did not become of the child-bearing age until she was 36, so these two, 10 and 8 are always surprising me with their youthful and candid ways. Sometimes, you might catch me bragging about my Charlotte County Woman’s Club, also of which I am very proud.

My favorite past time is solving the daily newspaper’s crossword puzzle. Whether a crossword puzzle or Sudoku from the News &Advance or our small town weekly, I am fascinated at how the words and numbers come together in a finished product. The letters make words and those words make the beginning of the answer to the next clue. Sudoku; Word-Find and Word-Seek Puzzles all challenge my mind and fingers till the numbers and letters fill the graph and empty boxes. There is just “something” about putting an individual letter or number in a box that thrills me. I see my next two years as your District President like a crossword puzzle, a tricky brain teaser and a Jig-Saw Puzzle.

Every Club and each of its members are like a Jig-Saw puzzle. The different shapes and pieces come together to make one larger unit usually developing into a beautiful scene or picture of enormous quality. Word-Find and Word-Seek books and puzzles represent the finding of the many talents and skills hidden in our members and clubs. Finding and circling them with emphasis is an important task. The empty boxes of the crossword puzzle will be filled with the names of select people chosen to be your District Chairmen and Department Leaders.

Our district consists of eleven (11) General Clubs and five (5) Junior clubs. While only five in number the Junior Clubs are a large connecting piece in our District puzzle with their ingenuity, vitality and energy. Their creative projects bring inventive ideas and activities to their homes and communities.

Protocol is an important section of the background for our puzzle. It is the standard by which we chose to conduct our meetings and abide by the wording of our ‘collect’. How else do we “forget not to be kind” but by using our general Southern Style manners and decorum in our proceedings? And by the way, the “Collect’ is powerful piece and it can and should be used as a membership recruitment tool; so don’t let either of these pieces of your puzzle drop on the floor or get lost during your Club year and meetings.

Projects and Awards are another large and jagged piece of our puzzle. Reporting is the precursor to the Awards and Certificates given to our Clubs and members for outstanding work. Your Reports are representative of your many accomplishments, projects and goal completion. Reporting encompasses the fund-raising done for these projects and the hours of volunteering and advocating for special interests. My wish is our District project will continue to be the Patrick Henry Family Services and our emphasis will be placed on the “Pathway to Prayers” deck. Also, we will support the GFWC-VA President’s Project: Dare to Dream of a World without Hunger and the Feed America organization.

“Grant that we may realize it is the little things that create differences, that in the big things of life we are at one”—a line from our GFWC Collect describes my genuine wish and desire for the next two years. We can all realize our differences; as in a puzzle piece and realize it takes every piece to make “the Big Things of Life” the beautiful scene to be enjoyed by all. Please help me complete the Alice Kyle District puzzle for the next two years. Don’t be the missing piece, we need it and it is “U”.

‘It’s the little things’

Gwen D Hamlet

Alice Kyle District President