District Awards

Alice Kyle District Achievement Awards

The purpose of District Department and Program awards is to recognize the outstanding accomplishments of the clubs during a one-year period. Membership size is considered; General and Junior clubs are categorized proportionately as shown below. District Chairmen shall select the recipients from information compiled in the annual reports, including statistics AND narratives.  If a chairman’s club is considered for an award, she MUST use outside judging in that category. The following awards will be presented at the Alice Kyle District Spring Meeting: BEST OVERALL in each category and BEST SINGLE PROJECT in each category.


(used for judging reports for the 2016 calendar year)

Junior Clubs:     Small:   1-12 members, Large: 13 and over members

General Clubs:  Small:   1-25 members, Large:  26 and over members

Farmville Junior Woman’s Club 12
The GFWC Lynchburg Suburban Woman’s Club 10
GFWC Charlotte County Woman’s Club 11
South Boston/Halifax Junior Woman’s Club GFWC 11
Blackstone Woman’s Club 18
Young Ladies of Cumberland, Juniorettes 14
Virgilina Woman’s Club 14
GFWC – Lynchburg Junior Woman’s Club 13
GFWC-Appomattox Junior Woman’s Club 12
GFWC Woman’s Club of Appomattox 14
GFWC Tuesday Woman’s Club 16
Brookneal Woman’s Club, Member of GFWC 22
Crewe Junior Woman’s Club 22
Woman’s Club of Buckingham County, GFWC 26
Woman’s Club of Cumberland, GFWC 26
Woman’s Club of Farmville, Virginia GFWC 30
GFWC Amherst Woman’s Club 91