Patrick Henry Boys & Girls Home

Alice Kyle District proudly supports the Patrick Henry Boys & Girls Home.

In early the 1950s it was decided to adopt a district project. Patrick Henry Boys Plantation, which at that time was only envisioned but it was selected as the district project. During the administration of Mrs. J.J. Gwaltney, the project of building the first unit of the Patrick Henry Boys Plantation for boys was launched. The District assumed the obligation of trying to raise $10,000.00. Members quickly raised $1400.00 but in order to avoid delay, the district was happy to receive a memorial gift from Lynchburg Foundry honoring Mr.Max Kuniansky. This made it possible for the first cottage built to receive the first child on February 1, 1961. Now Patrick Henry Family Services, continues to be the District Project. Members support this project with monetary and in-kind donations as well as by volunteering their time. Each year members are supportive in the annual collection of school supplies delivered at the Fall District Meeting.


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