Tea Time in Appomatox!

tea time



The Woman’s Clubs of Brookneal, Buckingham, Cumberland, and friends met at Baines Book Store, Appomattox for lunch. From there they toured the latest exhibit at the museum and then “took tea” with Linda Lipscomb, museum curator.

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Hat Creek Camps & Conference Fundraiser Wrap-up

A special thank you goes to many who made the 2013 – 2014 Hat Creek Camps & Conferences Fundraisers very successful. Our District has raised a total of $3,266.50 during this administration.


For more information on the projects and totals, check out the report provided by Pat Bickel.

Link: Hat Creek Final Report

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Halifax Area Clubs Meet for Federation Day

gfwc day

Members from the South Boston-Halifax JWC, the Tuesday Woman’s Club, and the Virgilina Woman’s Club meet last night for an evening of food and fellowship. Alice Kyle District Leaders, both current and incoming, as well as state representation in GFWC Virginia Teresa Craig and GFWC Virginia 3rd Vice President and Director or Junior Clubs were in attendance.

(h/t South Boston-Halifax JWC)

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Alice Kyle District welcomes Juniorettes Club

Brittany Price, President of the Young Ladies of Cumberland,  Juniorettes GFWC and Patty Pedrick at the AKD Fall Meeting

Brittany Price, President of the Young Ladies of Cumberland, Juniorettes GFWC and Patty Pedrick at the AKD Fall Meeting

JuniorettesThe Woman’s Club of Cumberland, GFWC started planning for a Juniorette club in August of 2012. Club Members formed an advisory board, met with the school principal, and searched for a teacher advisor. The teacher advisor planned interest meetings with girls aged 12 – 18. Almost all the girls were middle school age with one exception. The club members and interested students started meeting after school in the teacher’s classroom. One concern would be transportation – but that was taken care of through the 21st Century Grant, which provided after school buses for the last school year and next school year.

The girl’s nominated officers and they were installed late spring. There Bylaws have been approved by the State Parliamentarian. The club is currently working towards becoming Federated by GFWC. This will be done in the near future. They have participated in the Christmas Mother, Christmas Parade, Adopt A Highway, and Patriot Day. They pay dues and hold fundraisers. The Young Ladies of Cumberland are working on the Christmas Mother program and the Christmas Parade for 2013. They are giving back to the community and school and are a shinning example of our school students. The Woman’s Club of Cumberland and Alice Kyle District are very proud of them.

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A Message from Our District President

Words LogoI am very excited that we now have this beautiful website in place. This site will be beneficial to all of us. We will be able to have easier access to materials, such as our newsletter, the “Kyle-A-Gram,” District Calendar, forms, and of course be able to check out our club news, and member pictures. We are very proud to be members of our Alice Kyle District so I know we will all be very respectful of this website. Every possible security factor will be implemented.

Many thanks to Amanda for your help in making this Alice Kyle District website possible!

Now let’s all enjoy!


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Christmas Heirlooms Drawing

Alice Kyle District is hosting a fundraiser to support Hat Creek Camps and Conferences, our District Project. Three one-of-a-kind items are in this raffle.

tree skirt

Christmas Tree Skirt

Cross-stitch Santas donated by Lori Clayton

A Thread Runs Thru It

Phenix, VA 

table sunner

2 Quilted Table Runners

Donated by Rose Marie Howard

The Mouse Trap

Charlotte Court House, VA


Tatted Ornaments

Donated by Chris Watts, Woman’s Club of Cumberland, GFWC

Cartersville, VA

Raffle Tickets are:

  • 1 ticket – $3
  • 2 tickets – $5
  • 5 tickets – $13
  • 10 tickets – $25

Checks are payable to Alice Kyle District.

Drawing held at Spring District Meeting on March 29. You do not need to be present to win!

2013 GFWC Virginia Convention

The GFWC Virginia 2013 ConventionConvention was held in Chesapeake, VA and our members happily showed their Alice Kyle District Spirit.

This was also a chance to celebrate the accomplishments of 2012. Members of the Alice Kyle District actively volunteered in their communities, partnered with other civic organizations, and continued to support and promote GFWC Special Projects and Programs. Alice Kyle District members are strong in supporting their own clubs and sister clubs. The GFWC Signature Project: Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention was supported through the planting of pinwheel gardens to raise awareness of Prevent Child Abuse Virginia. Clubs had guest speakers from C.A.S.A. to learn of ways to prevent abuse in their communities. One Junior Club joined the Christmas Mother to help 47 families and 84 children by providing food and gifts, with 15 members volunteering 300 hours with an In-kind donation of $500.00 to support the GFWC Junior’ Special Project: Advocates for Children. In Arts five clubs held an Arts and Crafts Contests, three clubs held Literary Contests, and six clubs made contributions to their local high schools. One club before their local Christmas parade built gingerbread houses with the children providing construction items, candy, frostings and so forth to create their gingerbread houses. Clubs were involved in Conservation Partnerships by supporting the Humane Society.

Clubs had speakers from Recycling Centers, held plant sales, donated to Memorial Gardens, shared information on the value of beekeeping, and concentrated on using cloth grocery bags, reusing home towels, recycling paper, glass, metal, plastic and shared tips and put into practice energy saving, only to name a few ways of their support of Conservation. In the Department of Education, clubs raised funds for local scholarships and one club added a little personal touch with a hospitality basket along with their scholarship. Clubs supported summer reading programs, book clubs, book exchanges and held a paperback books “Shower” for a Juvenile Detention Center. In the areas of Home Life clubs donated gift cards, bought clothing for 40 needy children, donated to a mother of four suffering from cancer, supported Local Christmas Mother, Angel Tree, Salvation Army, Food Banks, B.A.B.E. program, and local fire and rescue departments. Nursing homes received lap blankets, valentines, candy bags, bibs, and Christmas gifts, along with singing carols and hearing the Christmas Story.

In Health clubs fielded Relay for Life, and Mental Health America of Central Virginia. Three clubs worked together hosting a Heart Healthy Tea to benefit a local community hospital. Clubs supported the American Red Cross, American Heart Association, Central Virginia Kidney Association, Camp Loud and Clear, Children’ Miracle Network and the Cerebral Palsy Foundation. The Heifer Project International, Operation Smile and U.S. Fund for UNICEF were supported Partnership programs by our club in International Outreach. Clubs packed 55 boxes for Operation Christmas Child. Clubs donated to Gleaming for the World, World Hunger Day and one club supported a local doctor who served in Africa through “Doctors without Borders”. Hearts were touched to assist Wounded Warriors and all veterans and their families with funds and gifts. Also members served as poll workers, sponsored forums to educate the public, presented candidates, and urged citizens to vote. These are only a few ways members were active on Public Issues.

Many clubs are active in Communications and Identity through Facebook, Club Newsletters, Local newspapers, Yearbooks and by wearing club shirts to identity and educate their community of club activities and missions. This district is fortunate to have its Leadership in the form of many mentors, with the task at hand to formulate new leaders. This is carried out through more clubs now having Co- Presidents, and having more information and interesting district meeting where as there is more participation of members. Clubs became more involved in Legislation and Public Policy by using information provided in GFWC Advocacy. Importance was placed on GFWC Resolutions to learn what they mean to members and how to advocate to our legislators. Clubs recruited through holding Teas, Show and Tell, taking trips, Membership Appreciation Dinner and many other ways to increase their Membership. One club was busy laying the ground work for the formation of a new Juniorette Club, through presentation to the county school board, school principals, and school administration. Clubs retain their members with Anniversary parties, membership pins, Talking Turkey and many other interesting events.

In the area of Women’s History and Resource Center one club re-did several of their scrapbooks that were housed at their local library, which had become too fragile to handle. Members enjoyed many events while Fundraising. Events such as Breakfast with Santa, Selling sandwiches at the opening of the Museum of the Confederacy, holding a Children Carnival, Brunswick Stews, and a Pancake Supper only to name a few. The members have joined together in contributing to their elected Alice Kyle District, GFWC Virginia State Conservation Project, Hat Creek Camp and Conferences. Clubs continue to have as their District Project, Patrick Henry Family Services and jointly donate a multitude of school supplies each year.

2013 GFWC Virginia Awards Booklet

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